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Veteran Elite Drone Training Services

Courses for veterans by veterans. 

Registration for 2024 Courses
now open! 

Advanced Drone Pilot Course Dates

March 26 Web Eastern Advanced Schedule.png
March 26 Web Advanced Course Schedule Website.png

M.N, ADT 2338 Ottawa, ON

"Extremely positive. The veteran environment went a long way to making it what it was. I didn't feel any time was wasted or mis-allocated... Frankly, it felt a lot like the great parts of the 'good old days', including the expectations of professionalism and performance."

Instructor/Flight ReviewerCourse Dates

Instructor Schedule Eastern Canada Website.png
Instructor Schedule Western Canada Website.png

Watch this space!
Basic drone training and Industrial commercial drone training coming soon!

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Advanced Drone Pilot Training Course

Become a certified drone pilot through an exciting combination of ground school and flight training. The price includes a drone. (Ask us about funding your course!)

Instructor and Flight Reviewer Course

Get specialized training to become a certified drone training instructor! This course is for experienced pilots wishing to take their skills to the next level. 

Drone Industrial Applications Course

Get a leg up in the fast growing drone industry with this elite training package designed for advanced pilots. Facilitate a seamless transition into employment.

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